I have purchased a voucher - how do I book?

Once you have purchased a Webjet Exclusives, your voucher is emailed to you as a PDF file along with your Tax Invoice.

Your voucher will contain instructions on how to book your trip and reserve your dates – in most cases this will be by sending an email to a specified address or calling a phone number. This puts you directly in touch with our partner (hotel, resort or tour operator) who will accommodate your request and confirm your booking.

Our partners will generally ask for your names, dates and contact details but will also require your Webjet Exclusives Voucher number – this is located in the top right side of your Webjet Exclusives Voucher.

Once our partner has confirmed your booking or reservation, you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to bring your Webjet Exclusives Voucher with you as most partners will want you to present this at check-in or arrival.


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